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Have you learned the maintenance skills of intelligent circular sawing machine?

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Have you learned the maintenance skills of intelligent circular sawing machine?

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Friends in the south, is it cost to get up? Are you hesitant to go out? I don't know if I am in the cold, I am right. Friends of the North, it is just a heart to housing, radiator entangled in the end of the world? In December of last year, in December of last year, there was a low temperature, if there is what kind of arrow ~ it doesn't matter! Time flies, Jing Ji has always been with you. This is not, Xiao Bian, I am coming again, in this cold winter, my intimacy was sent to metal circular saw maintenance tips. Remember to learn! When the temperature is low in winter, we need to pay special attention to the use of oil (cutting oil, hydraulic oil, etc.) when the circular saw is operating. The temperature is too low to cause the oil to freeze and solidify or flow unevenly, which leads to malfunctions that cause equipment instability or excessive loss. Tap the blackboard and remember the following:

1. Before turning the empty smart circular saw, check for oily oily substances. If the liquid is liquid, the equipment should be idle for 3-5 minutes (forcibly turn on the cutting oil and lubricating oil to ensure that the fuel injection will work normally). In addition to troubleshooting, it can also achieve the "preheating" effect on the oil. Power failure is a direct device of the device, whether it is low temperature or normal temperature, keep this good habit! 2. If oil bodies are found and the oil is found to be frozen, in this case, it is impossible to rotate directly, we need to heat the oil. The simple way is to use hot water (or use a heating column). After the oil is completely thawed, run the equipment. It is also necessary to pay attention to the air operation for a few minutes to observe the oil transportation and whether the equipment is stable. 3. To protect the packaging when the temperature is too low, we can use items (such as foam, cotton, etc.) to coat the circular saw, which controls the oil temperature to a certain extent. It should be noted that this is only the processing before the device is started. After activation, these packaging items must be taken away! What is going on, you learned three o'clock? Please get a warm reminder from the editor: this is an important health condition! Happy winter!


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