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The impact of the quality of high-speed metal circular saw blades on enterprises

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The impact of the quality of high-speed metal circular saw blades on enterprises

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What role does the metal circular saw blade play in the equipment as a cutting tool for the circular saw machine? Why do companies pay so much attention to it?

In actual application, it is a consumable as an ordinary cutting tool. However, it is precisely because of the characteristics of its consumables that enterprises pay special attention to it!

Turn off the quality of the workpiece

The quality of the metal cutting workpiece is closely related to the metal circular saw. The quality of the workpiece is relatively good, mainly: the cutting surface is parallel, smooth, and material loss. If the workpiece is cut out with poor quality tools, the surface will be very uneven and irregular, the verticality does not meet the customer's requirements, and the material is relatively serious;

2. Production cost

Metal cutting orders (open manuals, etc. cost, only saw blades), you need to see 50,000 tools, if you need 10 metal circular saws, you need to take 5,000 sets each time, and the saw blade costs 1,000 yuan, then the total tool cost is 10,000 yuan; if The other saw blade is 1/2, but can saw 10,000 knives? Then only 5 is needed! Tool cost: 5 times 1500 = 7500 yuan! This does not include the loss of saw blades!

From the above calculation results, it can be clearly determined to distinguish between quality and bad. This is only 10 saw blades! Some companies are not very concerned about this data, leading to a strange phenomenon: Obviously it is a place to make money, but there are losses! In fact, it is not only our industry, but the details of any other industry should be the same.

3. Customer sharing

How do metal circular saw blades lead customers to share? Beautifully? A little unbelievable;

When you buy a product, if you have the same price, would you choose some or other things? Or good quality, cheap, poor quality, how would you choose? Metal circular saw blades are not only saw blades, but also tools that can improve product quality! The quality of your product is better than that of your peers, and the cost is better than that of your peers. What reason do you have? In the above calculation, the cost of 10,000 yuan is not as good as the cost of 7,500 yuan. The price of sawed products is cheap (low cost, of course the market price is cheap), and it will definitely affect the customer's share!

4. The service life of the equipment

Those who have used computers should know that the compatibility between accessories is very important, and the quality compatibility is also good, and the performance of the whole machine is better. If the accessories are not compatible, it will affect the overall integration and use effect, and will directly affect the life of the computer! For circular saw equipment, if the quality of the tool is so bad, it will affect the coordination of the entire machine and play the performance between each accessory! It has very serious consequences for the life of the whole machine!


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