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CNC side grinding machine NS700

CNC side grinding machine NS700

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  • Release date:2021/04/26
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Technical data
 Input voltage                                          AC380V/50 Hz
 Power                                                    2.8KW
 Diameter of saw                                    120~650mm
 Thickness of saw                                  1~6mm
◆ Rake angel                                            -5~30°

◆Radial angel                                          -5~5°

◆ Round angel                                      -3.5~3.5°

◆ Tip width                                               0.5-10mm

◆ Tip length                                              3~20mm

◆ Grinding speed                                     4~20秒

◆Diamond wheel                                    ∮90*∮32*4mm

Grinding speed                                     1~15mm/s

◆Dimensions(L*W*H)                             1550mmx1300mmx1800

Weight                                                  1700kg



◆High degree of automation, select Yaskawa (YASKAWA) four-axis drive system, the backlash angle can be set directly, and the side clearance angle can be set directly from the operation panel.

◆It can grind positive and negative backlash angle saw blades (single scoring saw, etc.), and can grind group teeth (non-equidistant tooth profile), and the operation is extremely convenient.

◆Different feed rate and grinding speed can be selected according to the grinding wheel and alloy to achieve the required surface finish.

◆With automatic compensation system, according to the selected grinding wheel quality and grinding amount, the grinding wheel consumption compensation amount can be set by itself.

◆High efficiency, through the program to optimize the four-axis coordination, reduce the time of empty knife, and improve the effective operation rate of the equipment.

◆Suitable for processing products: industrial grade saws, furniture saw blades, electronic cutting saws, aluminum alloy saw blades, iron cutting saw blades.


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