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CNC Double Head Rake Angle Grinding Machine F4D

CNC Double Head Rake Angle Grinding Machine F4D

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  • Release date:2021/04/26
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 Technical data

 nput voltage                                                    AC380V/50HZ

 Grinder power                                                4.2KW

◆ Diameter of saw                                             100~500mm

◆ Thickness of saw                                            0.5~10mm

◆ Before the Angle                                            -10~30°

◆ Before the blade Angle                           -10~15°

◆ Tip Length                                                       3~13mm

 Grinding speed                                                4.5~15Second/piece

◆ Diamond wheel                                               ∮150*∮32*16mm

 Dimensions(LW“H)                                          1810L*1473W*1916Hmm

◆ Weight                                                             1570kg


◆Unique swaying progressive grinding method to ensure the grinding surface is straight and smooth, which can save more than 30% of the grinding wheel.

◆The equipment is fully enclosed and automatically runs to create a clean working environment. One person can operate multiple equipment.

◆The equipment is numerically controlled. It can first grind the outer diameter and then the rake angle without changing the peripheral beating of the saw blade. The magnification is 200 times without chipping, and the operation is convenient.

◆It can grind all tooth shapes in the current market, up to 15 groups can be set, as long as there is a regular tooth shape, it can be grind.

◆The equipment takes into account the stability of the cam and the convenience of CNC operation, which improves the production efficiency.


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contacts: Mr. Alex Sun  mobile:0086 13663359375

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Address: Puhui Street, Fengnan Economic and 

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