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Fully automatic side grinding machine ASE400 (economical)

Fully automatic side grinding machine ASE400 (economical)

  • category:Robotic TCT circular saw blades sharpening machines

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  • Release date:2021/04/26
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Technical data

◆ Supply voltage                                                            AC380V/50Hz

◆ Grinder power                                                             4.7KW

◆ Diameter of saw                                                          120~405mm

◆ Hook angel                                                                  0°~25°

◆ Centripetal angle rang                                             -4°~4°

◆ Circumferential range                                               0°~5°

◆ Cutting edge wide range                                       1.5~8mm

◆ Processing thickness range                                  1~6mm

◆ Processing length range                                       3~10.5mm

◆ Dimensions(L*W*H)                                                     2580L*1500W*1850Hmm

◆ Weight                                                                          1850kg


◆CNC operation, parameters such as centripetal angle, circumferential angle, grinding amount can be input on the control panel, making the operation more convenient.

◆The use of mechanical hand to pick and place the film is very advantageous for products with a single specification and quantity, which makes the production efficiency higher.

◆The platen mechanism is equipped with a sensor to prevent the manipulator from taking too much or missing the film when taking and placing the film, making the operation safer.

◆The equipment has an automatic compensation function, and one person can operate more than 10 equipment at the same time, saving labor.

◆Suitable for saw blades: ordinary power tool saw blades, plywood saw blades, ordinary aluminum alloy saw blades, ordinary iron cutting saw blades.


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