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Automatic rake angle grinding machine AFZ400

Automatic rake angle grinding machine AFZ400

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  • Release date:2021/04/30
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Technical data

◆ Supply voltage                                                            380VThree-phase four-wire

◆ Grinder power                                                             4.2KW

◆ Diameter of saw                                                  120~405mm

◆ Hook angle                                                                  -10°~30°

◆ Angle range                                                                 -45°~45°

◆ Cutting edge wide range                                      1.6~4mm

◆ Processing thickness range                                 1.5~4mm

◆ Processing length range                                      3.5~10.5mm

◆ Dimensions(L*W*H)                                                    2950L*1200W*1750Hmm

◆ Weight                                                                         1900kg


◆Front edge inclination angle: -15~15 degrees (directly set on the screen, no manual adjustment is required).

◆For saw blades with a leading edge angle of 0 degrees (such as aluminum alloy blades, 300*96P saw blades, etc.), it can be set to straight-in and straight-out grinding; for saw blades with a leading edge angle of 5 degrees or more, it can be set as shaking grinding. (It saves grinding wheel and can ensure the grinding surface is straight).

◆The equipment is fully numerically controlled. It is the current top-level rake angle grinder. It can grind the outer diameter and then the rake angle without changing the jitter of the saw blade. The magnification is 200 times without chipping, and the operation is extremely convenient.

◆It can grind all tooth shapes on the market, up to 15 groups can be set, as long as there is a regular tooth shape, it can grind.

◆The manipulator automatically fetches and releases the film, and the equipment has an automatic compensation function, which improves the utilization rate of the equipment and saves labor at the same time.

◆Suitable products: all saw blades.


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