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Automatic side rough grinding machine CM500

Automatic side rough grinding machine CM500

  • category:Robotic TCT circular saw blades sharpening machines

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  • Release date:2021/04/26
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 Technical data

◆ Input voltage                                                                380V/50Hz

 Grinder power                                                              6KM

 Knife diameter                                                                 140-550mm

 Angle range                                                                  0°~4°

 Cutter head thickness                                                   0.5-20mm

 Tip length                                                                      3~20mm

◆ Diamond wheel                                                            150*32*25mm

 Grinding wheel speed                                                   2800-4000turn/m

 Saw blade speed                                                          15-30turn

◆ Dimensions(L*W*H)                                                      2850L*1250W*2100Hmm

 Weight                                                                           1800kg


◆The manipulator automatically fetches and releases the film, saving labor and improving the working efficiency of the equipment.

◆The rough grinding of the saw blade can make the two sides of the cutter head even and symmetrical, which can improve the efficiency of fine grinding, save the grinding wheel, and at the same time make the smooth finish of the cutter head after fine grinding.

◆The equipment is divided into two types: cold saw grinding machine and ordinary alloy saw blade rough grinding machine. The rough grinding machine can be upgraded to a cold saw grinding machine. The equipment provides sufficient rigidity and precision. Replace the suitable grinding wheel, and the grinding precision can reach 0.01 mm. 


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