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Band saw side grinding machine DS2

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Band saw side grinding machine DS2

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  • Release date:2021/04/26
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Technical data

◆ Input voltage                                                AC380V/50 Hz

◆ Grinder power                                            3KW

◆ Length of band saw                                    3000~6200mm

◆ Hook angel                                                 0~10°

 Side angle range                                        0~5°

 Posterior angle range                             0~5°

 Tip width                                                     0~10mm

 Tip length                                                   1-10mm

◆ Grinding speed                                           4~15sec/tip

◆ Diamond wheel                                          ∮75*∮32*2mm

◆ Dimensions(L*W*H)                                   1522*1450*1690mm

● Weight                                                        1200kg


◆Adopt the grinding wheel end face grinding, two speeds (linear speed 40m/s and 60m/s), the switching speed can grind cemented carbide and Stellite respectively.

◆Japanese four-axis CNC system, simple and convenient operation, the grinding times and feed amount are directly set from the man-machine interface.

◆The product grinding accuracy is within 0.02mm, which fully reaches the level of imported equipment.

◆Fully enclosed automatic operation, creating a clean working environment, one person can operate multiple devices.


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